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A structured settlement is a proven, effective solution for the needs of many personal injury claimants. Claims professionals, plaintiff attorneys, judges and defense attorneys advocate the use of structured settlements because they effectively meet a claimant's need for security, as well as provide more benefits over time than a single, lump sum settlement. In addition, the periodic payment concept can be applied to a variety of other situations.

Is a Structured Settlement Right For You?

You should give serious consideration to a structured settlement, if any of the following apply to you or a family member:

* Temporarily or permanently disabled,

* Have limited investment or financial experience,

* The victim is a minor or someone judged to be    incompetent,

* Wrongful death case where the surviving spouse and/or    children need monthly or annual income,

* The injury is severe and may shorten the victims life or    impair mental competency,

* Likely to have ongoing medical expenses,

* Require rehabilitation or a permanent care facility,

* Need to provide payments for college funds, retirement,   down payment on a home, or mortgage payments, and

* Need to replace lost monthly/annual income or    supplemental income.

For more detailed information about the various financial and tax benefits of structured settlements, please visit the website of Hathaway Associates, Inc., structured settlements and financial services consultants. If you have a specific question regarding your settlement, you can contact Paul A. Hathaway directly by email.


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